Piuma Original


I finished building my Original Piuma after 24 month of work, but… 22 years ago, and it flies just as well today.

Aircraft homebuilding is very common in the U.S.A., but there are many builders and associations in Europe as well. The ultralight motorgliders are only a little part of this world, probably because the availability of valid projects is quite poor, especially if compared to experimental aircraft plans. Nevertheless a motorglider flight has particular charm and people that try it prefer this way to fly more than anything else.

Motorgliders have a “tourist soul”: flights are generally relaxed, comfortable and quiet, and allow a scenic visibility superior to the normal aircraft; moreover they are safe when engine fails (they are gliders too) and cheap in gasoline consumption and generic costs.

Ultralight motorgliders increase these characteristics and if they are built from plans, allow really low-cost flying.

The very detailed plans are available in Italian and English language from the web site: www.piumaproject.com. A complete note of the necessary materials is included in the Construction book.

Location: Italy

e-mail address: [email protected]

Website: http://piumaproject.com


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