Postcards from Sun 'n Fun


Photographer Mariano Rosales snapped these photos at the 2018 Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in. There are so many cool things to see in the exhibitors’ booths.

Broadcasting Outer Module from Levil
The Broadcasting Outer Module (BOM) from Levil  is an independent inertial measurement unit that provides a source of altitude, GPS position, and flight telementry wirelessly to iOS and Android tablets. It its powered by an on-board battery that is charged with a turbine mounted to the rear of the unit.

skyBeacon from uAvionix
The uAvionix skyBeacon now has the options for a tail light unit and a right nav light unit that provides ADS-B IN to compliment their current ADS-B OUT unit. They are expecting to receive FAA certification in time for AirVenture this year.
Rotec radial engines
Rotec Radial Engines displays their 150hp 9-cylinder and 110hp 7-cylinder radial engine options for homebuilders who want to round things up on the front of their homebuilt aircraft.
Innovative reusable fasteners from Grip Lock Ties provide the strength and convenience of zip ties with the added features of a rubber lining and a releasable locking tab.
RockSteady VibeX camera mounts
VibeX Camera Mounts displays their wide selection of versatile sports camera mounts for different types of aircraft.
Desser Classic Smooth Tundra tires
There is no shortage of big bush tires at Desser Tire & Rubber Co.
MyGoFlight’s SkyDisplay HUD provides a more affordable heads-up-display unit for GA pilots looking to add some innovation to their cockpit.
Sonex showing off its folding wings
The folding wing feature of the single-seat Sonex Onex is demonstrated at the Sonex display.
Sensenich composite props
Sensenich ground-adjustable composite propellers are available for various engine platforms.
The EZ Creeper was designed for aircraft maintenance in mind allowing for height adjustment using a hand-powered hydraulic system.
Grypmat flexible tool holders
The Grypmat provides a safe and versatile space to place your tools while tinkering on your aircraft.
Poly Fiber booth
Aircraft fabric supply company Poly-Fiber is giving free hands-on covering classes at their booth in the exhibit hall.
Best Tugs drawing a crowd
Best Tugs displays their various innovative aircraft tug solutions.
Viking Aircraft Engines
Viking Aircraft Engines displays their powerplant units in the outside exhibitor area.



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