Rotax 912 Remote Oil Filter Kit from California Power Systems


Hey, Rotax pilots-having trouble changing your oil because that darn oil filter is just impossible to get at? Or does the filter get in the way of engine mounts, exhaust pipes and other accessories? Well, heres a solution.

California Power Systems, authorized dealer and service center for Rotax engines, announced the introduction of a new remote oil filter kit that allows the filter to be mounted on the firewall or any other flat surface where easy access and/or clearance problems are no longer an issue.

All plates and bulkheads are precision machined and gold anodized for great looks and years of trouble-free, corrosion-resistant service. The lightweight kit weighs 20 ounces and includes all of the parts shown in the photo. A selection of lightweight aluminum mounting brackets is included to accommodate a multitude of mounting positions.

Additionally, you’ll get an engine block adapter, filter bulkhead with thread on boss for standard factory filter, AN anodized fittings, thread sealant and a variety of AN hardware with safety wire provisions. Hoses are not included.

Interested? The company’s Rotax 912 Airwolf Remote Oil Filter Kit (Part No. 13601) sells for $399.95. For more information or to order, contact California Power Systems at 800/AIRWOLF.

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