SkyVision Xtreme Releases Fully Portable ADS-B In/Out System


SkyVision Xtreme has introduced the SkyVision Portable, a fully transportable ADS-B transceiver system that includes Xtreme Vision display software.

The SkyVision Portable has a UAT transceiver and an Xtreme Vision Appliance, which transmits the Xtreme Vision display software to any Wi-Fi-capable iOS, Android, or Windows display in the cockpit. The complete system requires only three wires to be run during use, including two antennas and power to a 12/24-volt cigarette-lighter plug. All wires, antennas and equipment are stored in the case for transport.

SkyVision Portable utilizes the NavWorx ADS600-B, a Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) that meets the FAA’s 2020 ADS-B mandate for ADS-B In/Out. The ADS600-B offers pilots the opportunity to later permanently install the unit.

The package includes a suction-cup-mounted UAT antenna, a GPS antenna and a power plug. The system is bundled in a pre-wired briefcase-type enclosure, which measures 15x10x4 inches and weighs about 7 pounds with all cables, antennas and electronics. The price is $3295.

For more information, call 336/465-0564, or visit


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