Superior Adds to Availability of Millennium Cylinders

Superior's parallel-valve Lycoming cylinder.

Cylinder assemblies for the Lycoming 360/540 series and Continental 520 series are now being shipped by Superior Air Parts. This marks the “next phase of product reintroduction,” according to the company.

“This is very exciting for everyone who has been involved with bringing the popular family of Millennium Cylinders back into production,” says Timothy T. Archer, CEO, Superior Air Parts. “Everywhere I’ve gone, the first question everyone has asked has been when would the Millenniums be available? Well, I can very happily say they’re available at your Superior dealer today.”

The Lycoming 360/540 and Continental 520 cylinders join other series currently in the distribution pipeline, including cylinder assemblies for the Lycoming O-235, Continental O-200 and Continental IO-550. The recent addition of the parallel-valve Lycoming cylinders will serve owners of the O/IO-360 and O/IO-540 engines. Superior’s recent reintroduction of the large-bore Continental cylinder will also serve owners of the O/IO-470 engine.

Superior's Millennium cylinder for the Continental IO-520.

“As you would expect, the process of gearing up production by our suppliers has taken longer than we hoped, but the major hurdles are behind us,” Archer said. “Right now our biggest challenge is being able to plan our production so that we can keep our dealers stocked. From what they’re telling me, the more customers hear that the Millennium’s are available, the harder they are to keep on the shelves.

“It’s a great problem to have but right now it’s a balancing act to match the economics with the production and orders to make sure we meet all the needs,” Archer added. “Our suppliers are working hard with our quality control team to get cylinders in, approved and back out to our dealers as quickly as our high standards will allow.”

Next up for the company is to restart production of whole engines, including the XP series of Experimental engines and the Vantage series of type-certificated engines for production aircraft.

For more information, visit Superior’s website or call 800/277-5168.


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