SW-51 Mustang from ScaleWings


German aircraft manufacturer ScaleWings Aircraft is launching shipments of a “Quick Build Kit” of the SW-51 Mustang, which the company calls “the world’s most accurate P-51 Mustang replica at 70% scale.” The Standard Kit includes all-carbon body parts, control elements, seats and electrically driven retractable landing gear.

The carbon-fiber structure mimics the appearance of riveted aluminum surfaces.

A unique feature of the kit are the more than 100,000 details (rivets, screws, etc.) of the Original P-51 Mustang that are impressed into the carbon surfaces of the kit, creating the effect of a riveted aluminum structure.

The Standard Kit includes:

  • Fuselage
  • Center Wing
  • Outer Wings
  • Stabilizer
  • Control surfaces and system
  • Electrical Retractable Landing Gear
  • Seats (front and back, leather covers)
  • Fuel System (two 13-gal. wing tanks)

Optional additional equipment:

  • Firewall Forward Kit including Rotax 915iS and MT-4-blade-Propeller
  • Avionics Kit including Dynon HDX or Garmin G3X
SW-51 Mustang quick-build kit.

In the “Launch Edition,” standard kits are introduced at a starting price of EUR 119,000 (about $138,000). The Standard Kit and optional packages can be ordered now at the ScaleWings website. For more information, visit www.scalewings.com


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