Tail Dragging C-150


Cessna 150 Taildragger

Okay, it isn’t an experimental, but the spirit is there, and with an infusion of horsepower Ken and Lorraine Morris’ Cessna 150 tailwheel conversion would be!

As you can tell, we found the Morris’ older Cessna too engaging to ignore (and have actually been admiring it on their website prior to AirVenture: www.taildraggeraviation.com) and thought we’d give you a quick peek at their superb craftsmanship. Ken handles the mechanicals; Lorraine the interiors.

Absolutely not a Texas Taildragger, the conversion is a Morris specialty. They use only early Cessna 150 airframes with provision for 140 gear leg boxes for a near-factory installation of C-140 rolling stock. Personally we probably couldn’t resist adding some horsepower and “experimental” lettering near the cockpit, but that’s just us.

Cessna 150 Taildragger


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