Team Tangos Limited Time Discount Pricing


Team Tango is offering a new price structure for its aircraft kits in honor of the Sun n Fun fly-in. To get builders flying sooner, the price of the two-place, 212-mph, 1400-mile range Tango quickbuild kit has been reduced from $29,750 to $24,750. The four-place, 230-mph, 1800-mile range Foxtrot quickbuild kit is priced at $40,750, which is discounted from its normal price of $45,995. The SNF pricing began March 30 and will continue for 90 days. Any Tango or Foxtrot contract for order position during this period will qualify for the discounted price. Attendance at SNF is not required.

For more information, call 352/528-0982 or visit Team Tango.

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