The End of the Carburetor?


On November 1, 2007, Precision Airmotive, supplier of carburetors for Lycoming, Continental and Franklin aircraft engines, announced that it has discontinued manufacture and sales of all new float carburetors and components. This decision comes as a result of the company’s inability to obtain product liability insurance for the product line.


The company says that though the carburetors have been approved by the FAA and are flown millions of flight hours annually, insurance premiums have risen dramatically, to the point where the premium cost exceeds total sales for the product line. The company firmly believes the carburetors are safe, and that the record speaks for itself. Nonetheless, the potential cost of defending against lawsuits is prohibitive.


Precision Airmotive is working with engine manufacturers and others in the industry to minimize the impact on general aviation and to provide future support for this product line. A substantial inventory of parts and carburetors from distributors should be sufficient to support the industry in the short term.


For more information, visit the web at or call 360/651-8282.


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