The Lonely Emergency Aircraft Repair Folks


I strolled down to the on-field Emergency Aircraft Repair center in Showplane North looking to see some planes under repair after Saturday night’s wind event. There were reports of at least several damaged rudders and one plane lifted onto its nose. But no customers so far for the Chapter 75 organized effort.

Each year, these volunteer A&Ps plus other knowledgeable airplane mechanics stand ready with tools and expertise to help repair broken airplanes. Whether a flat tire needs fixing, a battery needs charging, a replacement canopy needs installing, or a gouged prop needs dressing, they will help ensure that an at least adequate repair is made…or help you figure out how to get the plane home or to another, more appropriate repair site.

If you need a repair, don’t hesitate to ask their help. They are happy to help but ask that you not wait until an hour before departure, thus making a casual repair into a panicked rush!


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