The One Week Wonder is Back!


Why build an RV-12iS? Here are some reasons.

Following the success of the 2014 build of a Zenith kit in less than one week at AirVenture, EAA and Van’s Aircraft will try to match that success with a one-week build of a Van’s RV-12iS in the central part of the show.

Work begins today (Monday) with an opening ceremony at 8 am. Until then, all Van’s boxes remain sealed but a core group has worked over the weekend to prepare the workshop.

Volunteers Roger Munsterman and John Peck prepared the stands for bypassers to learn and practice pulling a rivet before setting one on the fuselage or an actual wing.

Soliciting volunteers mostly through internet forums, Van’s project manager, Scott McDaniels, reports that about 110 volunteers have stepped up to help, including 20-25 from RV-12 teen build groups around the country. These folks will form the core building teams during the week, working in four-hour morning and evening shifts Monday through Saturday…and Sunday morning, if needed.

Van’s Lead, Scott McDaniels (left), and EAA Lead Charlie Becker (right) brief a teen builder on her responsibilities.
One of the practice panels ready for Monday.

In addition, any attendee is invited to drop by the One Week Wonder site, go through a quick training session on using a pneumatic puller to set rivets and then pull a rivet on the actual wing or fuselage of the plane starting on Tuesday. Each person may then sign the builders’ log, documenting their participation in building the airplane.

Wing cradles sit ready to hold assembled wings.

Can’t make it in person? Follow the build through the webcam.

All Van’s boxes remained sealed until the opening ceremony on Monday.
Donations from Van’s OEM suppliers included a full Garmin avionics panel. SteinAir is providing its technical expertise, as well. Other sponsors are Rotax, BOSE, Flightline Interiors, Sensenich Propeller Mfg. Co., The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, and MATCO manufacturing.


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