Tranquility Base


Whenever the hustle and bustle of Wittman Airport becomes too much, I like to retreat to the Seaplane Base on the south shore of Lake Winnebago. Today was a setup day and some folks were rushing around but it still was much more peaceful than the main show. Highly recommended when you need to decompress. The last few days had been more stressful for me than one might hope for the days preceding AirVenture so I gathered a few friends and headed out for an hour at the Seaplane Base.

The base, under the trees and next to the lake, is always cooler than the world outside. Quiet and slow paced with lots of picnic tables and other chairs makes a comfortable setting to read a book, watch the seaplane arrivals, and just chill.

This year, you can take a free pontoon ride around the lagoon, getting a closer look at the moored seaplanes. It lasts about 15 minutes and gives you a chance to get on the water.


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