Trig Avionics TN70 Makes ADS-B More Affordable

Trig TN70 certified WAAS GPS receiver and antenna.
Trig TN70 certified WAAS GPS receiver and antenna.

Trig Avionics produces the TT31 transponder, a ‘plug and play’ retrofit that’s ADS-B capable and replaces old Bendix KT76A, KT76C and KT78A transponders.

Trig also produces the TT22, a compact ADS-B capable transponder, designed to save space in the panel. Both transponders are class 1 devices and meet the 2020 ADS-B mandate.

Aircraft owners contemplating the merits of a Trig transponder can now take advantage of Trig’s complimentary TN70 WAAS GPS and antenna. This provides a C145 compliant GPS source for a TT22 or TT31 transponder. The TN70 price has been cut and is now available at a list price of $ 1,975.

Trig TT31 transponder
Trig TT31 transponder

Trig’s Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “With the FAA Rebate available we have reduced the price of the TN70. This means you can now secure a complete ADS-B Out system from only $ 3,763.” This superb package includes a TT22 Mode S transponder and TN70 WAAS GPS system.

The TN70 is a blind GPS unit, installed away from the panel; the pilot can continue to use an existing non WAAS navigator without disruption. Alternatively, aircraft owners with Garmin GNS or GTN WAAS navigators can use Trig’s FAA ADS-B STC that covers both TT31 and TT22 transponders and has an STC AML list covering hundreds of airplane models. The STC is free and a custom PMA parts kit for air ground determination in Part 23 aircraft costs just $ 100.00.

Trig is a UK company with an extensive US dealer network and a US based service center at Mid Continent Instruments and Avionics.


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