Two New Landing Lights from AeroLEDs

AeroLEDs SunSpot 46 landing light.

Research and development at AeroLEDs continues in an effort to offer more options for buyers of aviation lighting. The newest products are the SunSpot 46 and SunSpot 64 landing lights.

The SunSpot 46 draws 85 watts and produces 6500 lumens, which more than doubles the output of the SunSpot 36LX. The SunSpot 64 offers brightness of over 17,000 lumens, drawing 224 watts. This not only lights up the airport on final approach, but also allows the aircraft to be visible from 10 miles away, day and night, the company says. In comparison, a 100-watt incandescent bulb produces about 1500 lumens and has a life expectancy of 100 hours.

AeroLEDs SunSpot 64 landing light.

The SunSpot 46 has integrated wigwag capability, substantially enhancing visibility. Even with a background of midday sunlight, wigwag landing lights stand out quickly to ground observers and other aircraft, the company says. AeroLEDs recommends keeping them active for the entire duration of all flights. Given that LEDs will burn brightly for 50,000 hours, there’s no reason not to.

With an eye toward the retrofit and certificated markets, AeroLEDs is currently making the PAR 46 and 64 replacements available for certificated aircraft with a 337 form. The company expects to have an STC for the products soon.

The SunSpot 46 is $895, and the SunSpot 64 is $1600. For more information, call 208/850-3294 or visit AeroLEDs.

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