Up to $40 in Rebates for Belite Instruments


Purchase a Belite Instrument Between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31 and Receive Your Rebate

belite logoPurchase a Belite Instrument between December 1, 2014, and December 31, 2014, and receive the following rebates on your purchase:

$10 rebate: Above Ground Level Altimeter (AGL-010, 020), Volt Mini Meter (VMM-041), Inclinometer (INC-010, 020, 030), G Meter (GHD-010, 020) Universal Fuel Gauge, single display (UFGA-021), Fuel Gauge (FGA-021, FGA-012, FGA-022)

$15 rebate: Air Speed Indicator (ASI-012, 022, 023), Portable Instruments (AGL-030, VSI-030, TRI-030, GHD-030), Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI-010, 020), Universal Fuel Gauge, dual display (UFGA-022)

$25 rebate: Dual Instruments (ASIVSI-012, ASIVSI-022, ASIVSI-023, ASIAGL-012, ASIAGL-022, VSIAGL-010, VSIAGL-020, Turn Coordinator (TCC-020, TCC-030), Fuel Probe System (FPS-010), CHT/EGT Gauge (CET-010, CHT-010, EGT-010, CET-020, CHT-020, EGT-020), Digital LCD Altimeter/Vertical Speed Indicator (DALT-020)
$40 rebate: Angle of Attack (AOA-021, AOA-022, AOA-023, AOA-024)

Download mail-in rebate form.

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