Van's 3D CAD Panel Models Released


Van’s Aircraft, Inc announced the release of 3D models of both the panel and sub panel areas for our popular kit aircraft to enable builders to design their panel installations in CAD.

Now that Solid Works is available for every EAA member, and Fusion 360 free of charge for home use, Van’s has received several requests from builders for 3D models of the panel and sub panel.

Files are available for the following aircraft RV-7 & 9 (Tip-Up & Slider), RV-8, RV-10 and RV-14, on the downloads page of the Van’s Aircraft web site. We have posted files in an IGS format recognized by SolidWorks and Fusion 360 as well as many other CAD programs. Users who wish to have files in another format may use the aforementioned CAD programs or a third party program to convert the files.

RV-10 panel.

Garmin and Dynon/AFS have 3D models of their equipment available for download on their web sites, see the links below.

For many builders the panel layout is a highlight of the project, and these models may make it even more enjoyable.


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