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Well the trip to Oshkosh is well under way. Departing Friday afternoon from Tehachapi in California I stopped in Tucson to pick up Stephanie. Saturday, we had a lazy two flight trip up to Denver to stay with friends. Sunday, we set off more or less direct to Oshkosh. First stop was at Norfolk, Nebraska (KOFK), nice airport with two long runways in good condition, cheap fuel and an airport café. All in all, a good place to stop. I have found out through trial and error that it is best to feed the crew at regular intervals.

Having a coffee for breakfast and pushing on all day to dinner is a recipe for crew unhappiness and best avoided. After refueling off to Barnstormers Café we went in search of delicious nourishment. The food was good and the service fine.

Come to use the restrooms prior to departure though and my copilot who is a pilot and CFI became very unhappy with the signage. Back in the day I remember a crusty old instructor telling me that “if girls were meant to fly the sky would be pink not blue.” Fortunately those days of thinking that women can’t or shouldn’t fly are long gone. Hop on an airline these days and it’s just as likely that the pilot is a gal and the attendant is a guy.

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Nigel Speedy
Nigel Speedy started flying helicopters with the Australian Army and is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School. He currently instructs at the National Test Pilot School in Mojave, California. Nigel enjoys flying his Van's RV-8 and the freedom of E/A-B to experiment.


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