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Garmin Offers GTN 750 Trainer App for iPad

Garmin has introduced a new trainer app for the iPad2. This app, downloadable from the iTunes store, simulates the behavior of the GTN 750 GPS/nav/com system interface and provides pilots with a safe way to learn the basic operation of the system on the ground. Pilots may interact with the system as they would in the cockpit, and the app provides a good way to try out the system before purchasing it.

The app offers a touch-and-drag interface, allowing users to simulate and explore most functions for the GTN 750 including panning the map, entering waypoints on a flight plan, loading airways, radio tuning and more. High-resolution North and Central America terrain maps, worldwide NavData, simulated traffic targets and simulated XM weather data allow the pilot to experience the ultimate situational awareness offered by the GTN 750, Garmin says. The app is also configured with product options such as TAWS-B audible alerts, transponder control and remote audio processor control. Selectable demo settings allow the user to simulate various flight scenarios by changing altitude, speed, location, etc.

The GTN trainer app is $24.95 from the Apple App Store on the iPad2.

Dynon and PocketFMS Debut AeroData for SkyView

Dynon Avionics and PocketFMS announce the availability of new worldwide AeroData for Dynon SkyView EFISes. This includes all airspace, airports, runways, frequencies, obstacles and waypoints. Coverage encompasses Europe, North America (including Canada), Australia and New Zealand.

Based in The Netherlands, the PocketFMS Foundation has been providing aeronautical data since 2003. AeroData is continuously updated from official Aeronautical Information publications, and is enhanced from a variety of other sources, including local expert contributors. AeroData for the SkyView is updated every 28 days with the most current information.

AeroData is available as a one-year subscription for €119 ($152 at press time), and only one subscription is required per cockpit even those with two SkyView displays.

Orders for PocketFMS AeroData can be placed online at www.pocketfms.com/dynon. For more information about Dynon products, visit www.dynonavionics.com.


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