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MGL Odyssey
EFIS and Airband Transceiver

SportFlyingShop.com and MGL Avionics (U.S. and South Africa) are pleased to announce the release of the Odyssey EFIS, featuring a 10.4-inch diagonal color liquid-crystal TFT display. Building on the popularity of the 5.7-inch Enigma EFIS, the Odyssey maintains the same flexible architecture, but adds screen real estate and a higher performance processor thats able to handle textured terrain depiction.

Both the Enigma and the Odyssey allow the user to design custom screen layouts for up to nine different screens, thereby displaying exactly what is required for a given application. The Enigma is popular in a wide range of aircraft including Vans, Sonex, Zenith 601s, RotorWay and Helicycle helicopters and a variety of Light Sport Aircraft .

Primary features of both the Enigma and Odyssey include screen customizing, full EFIS and engine monitor, built-in moving map GPS with airports, airspace, terrain and basemap, HITS navigation, most GPS-ILS airport approaches, terrain alert system, voice alerts and more.

MGL Avionics also introduced a com transceiver, which fits in a shallow 3.125-inch-diameter package, has 6 watts of carrier power and can be completely controlled by the Enigma or Odyssey if desired. You can set frequencies to the radio using the airports database in the EFIS. The MGL com also includes a full separate VOX intercom system with aux inputs and outputs and new technologies that allow the radio to transmit at high power with low heat and low power consumption values. The price had not been announced at press time.

Mag Timing Housing 

Electroair is pleased to announce a new mag timing housing for Continental O-200 engines. The new MTH will directly replace one of the magnetos when installing and Electroair Ignition System on an O-200. The O-200 MTH reduces the installation time and greatly improves the ease of installation of an Electroair ignition system, the company says. Available immediately, the cost of an O-200 ignition kit did not change with this improvement.

For more information and prices, call 866/494-3002, or visit www.electroair. net. A direct link can be found at www. kitplanes.com.

Rich Stowell DVDs

Master Instructor Rich Stowells Pilots Video Guide series is now available on four DVDs. Titles include Getting Ready for Spins, Aerobatics and Other Unusual Attitudes, Stall/Spin Awareness, Emergency Maneuver Training and Basic Aerobatics. Program lengths vary from 33 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the title.

The four DVD titles can be purchased separately, as a set, or in combination with Stowells companion books, Stall/Spin Awareness and Emergency Maneuver Training. Prices range from $14.95 to $59.95 per DVD. The four-pack DVD library is $139. For more information, call 800/869-6627, or visit www.richstowell.com. A direct link can be found at www.kitplanes.com.

Scheyden Eyewear

Effortlessly and immediately adapt to changing light conditions with Scheyden Precision Eyewears flip-up sunglasses. You simply flip the lens up for an unobstructed view or low-light conditions and flip it back down for bright conditions. This eliminates the need to remove a headset to change glasses.

Using Japanese frames and high quality lenses, Scheyden eyewear is durable and the quality will last through years of continued use, the company says. Flip-Up Classics are the heart of the Scheyden product line. The ability to immediately adjust to light conditions eliminates the need for transitional lenses. The Flip-Up Classic sunglasses are available in eight frame styles to accommodate most face shapes and sizes.

The Flip-Up Classics and Dual Rx models come with a high-quality Japanese made multi-coated CR-39 sun lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection. All models feature handmade titanium frames that come with a limited lifetime warranty. Retail prices range from $395 to $445. For more information, call 800/851-2758, or visit www.scheyden.com. A direct link can be found at www.kitplanes.com.

Windshield Care Kit and GPS
Techniques DVD Update

Common household cleaning products can damage delicate aircraft windows, so Sportys has assembled a windshield care kit with clear, polish and cloths that are ideally suited for aircraft use. Its small enough to be kept in a flight bag or in an airplane. The kits foaming cleanser will not drip or run, the polish removes fine scratches, and there are 50 Dupont Sontara window wipes. Each part of the kit is available individually for replacement purposes. The cost is $24.95.

Two of the most popular Air Facts programs, GPS En Route and GPS Approaches, have been updated on Sportys GPS Techniques DVD. The En Route portion of the new guide introduces T routes (domestic low-altitude RNAV routes) and what they can do for you, along with a demo of VNAV, a vertical navigation tool. The Approaches portion contains a new section on WAAS approaches, demonstrated by Richard Collins. The DVD features todays most popular GPS receivers, including the Garmin 1000, 430, 530, 396, 496 and King KLN94. The price is $25.

For more information, call 1-800-SPORTYS, or visit www. sportys.com. A direct link can be found at www.kitplanes. com.

LED Lighting

Britta Imports has launched a line of aviation cockpit lighting products that offers an inexpensive and effective alternative for cockpit and instrument illumination. In aviation red, blue and white, the company’s new Pilot Lights are flexible LED lighting strips that attach under an aircrafts glareshield to illuminate the entire panel.

Manufactured from a thin flexible material, Pilot Lights have dozens of small, bright LEDs embedded in a resin strip. Powered by 12 volts and easily dimmable using any standard dimmer, the product is installed in minutes using double-sided tape. Apart from the lighting characteristics, the product does not use an inverter, produces no RF interference and is shockproof and waterproof. One can also trim the strip at every three LEDs without affecting the remaining lights.

There is a dual-color version where either red/white or blue/ white LEDs share the same strip. These strips contain double the number of LEDs of the standard product, the company says, and each color uses an individual circuit. Originally designed for Experimental aircraft, the lights may be installed in production aircraft when using an optional cigarette lighter adapter, also available from Britta Imports.

Retail prices range from $50-$100, and Pilot Lights are available online at Vans Aircraft , SteinAir, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, Chief Aircraft and at select avionics shops.

For more information, call 310/735-2066 or visit www.pilotlights.net. A direct link can be found at http://www.kitplanes.com/.

New Firewall Forward

Maxwell Propulsion Systems, manufacturer of four-cylinder, firewallforward engine packages based on the Subaru EJ25, has developed an improved dual ignition engine management system, propeller speed reduction unit (PSRU), in-flight adjustable propeller, and exhaust system. The goal was to develop a system that used off -the-shelf support systems and stock Subaru EJ25 engine components with no internal modifications to ensure replacement part availability and straightforward maintenance.

All systems are built to order. The MX1 engine is fully developed and can be shipped to the customer within 30 days following receipt of an order. Delivery of the in-flight adjustable propeller is six to eight weeks, the company says.

The 185-horsepower MX1 system features an enhanced electrical ignition system and lightweight fuel and exhaust systems. The engine runs on either 92-octane unleaded gas or avgas, and will burn 4 to 5 gph in economy cruise (as run in a Glastar), the company says.

For more information and pricing contact Gwen Maxwell at 360/474-8118 or visit www.maxwellpropulsion.com. A direct link can be found at www.kitplanes.com.

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