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Fisher Flying Restarts Kit Production

After relocation to its new factory in Woodbridge, Ontario Canada, Fisher Flying Products is ready to begin kit production for some of the company’s most popular aircraft. Initially, two kits will be offered, the Light Sport-eligible Dakota Hawk and the low-cost FP-202 Koala. The Dakota Hawk is a high-wing two-seat aircraft that can be powered by a variety of engines from 80 to 120 horsepower. The FP-202 Koala is the most popular plane in the Fisher line and has been available for more than 20 years.

Prices for the Dakota Hawk complete airframe kit is $14,900, and $7750 for the FP-202 Koala. Contact Fisher Flying Products at 905/856-7050, or visit www.fisherflying.com.

LED Landing Lights

Kuntzleman Electronics introduces the latest addition to its LSA and Experimental line of aircraft lights called LTR, which stands for landing-taxi-recognition. The LTR consists of nine bright LEDs, focused through special lenses, resulting in a beam that has been measured at 2.5 times the brightness of a 55-watt halogen lamp (while drawing a third of the current), the company says. Powered by 12 to 14 volts DC, the LTR draws 1.35 amps, and measures 3 inches in diameter by 1 inch deep. Each light weighs less than 6 ounces.

The price is $234. Contact Kuntzleman Electronics at 610/326-9068, or visit www.kestrobes.com.

Sherpa Flying with New Engine

The massive Sherpa homebuilt is flying again behind a new K650 Honeywell turbine, last seen as the Garrett TPE331, producing 740 shaft horsepower. The new aircraft has also been upgraded from the original five seats to eight.

Base price, including a remanufactured engine is $850,000. Contact Sherpa at 503/543-4004, or visit www.sherpaaircraft.com.

To submit a press release on a homebuilt-related product, e-mail a detailed description and high-resolution photograph to [email protected]. Mailing address is KITPLANES, New Products, 203 Argonne Ave, Suite B105, Long Beach, CA 90803.


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