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Garmin Expands Online Training

Garmin has announced the expansion of its eLearning computer-based training program and will offer training through an online portal. Starting last November, on www.flygarmin.com, customers for the first time will be able to access online training for the GPSMAP 396, 496 and 695/696 (VFR conditions), and the G1000 (IFR conditions). The online system will be updated periodically to reflect the most current software versions available.

With the online eLearning program, customers can view multi-media content, practice procedures on simulated devices, track progress and generate reports and completion certificates for each course. When logging on, the customer will be able to choose a topic of interest and watch a simulated demonstration of the task, such as creating a flight plan. Then onscreen prompts will help the user practice the task step by step. Later, the user can practice the task without the prompts.
A 90-day subscription to GPSMAP handheld series training is available for $49.95; a 90-day subscription to the G1000 training is $99.95. A CD-ROM-based course for the GPSMAP 695/696 (shown in photo) is available for $99.95 from authorized dealers.

For more information, visit www.flygarmin.com.

Sky-Tecs ST5 Starters for Continentals

The new Continental ST5 series starters are the result of a clean-slate engineering approach to addressing customers specific needs for a powerful, lightweight starter that is safe for use on all TCM starter adapters, the company says.

Customers with big-bore Continental engines have been wanting a safe, strong replacement for their TCM factory OEM Iskra starters, says Rich Chiappe, general manager. Sky-Tec Engineering focused on coupling a lightweight, heavy-duty motor with an innovative internal release mechanism that decouples the starters powerful permanent magnet motor from the TCM engines starter adapter input shaft.

In addition to being a replacement for the Iskra starter, the ST5 series is suitable for certificated aircraft owners with IO-520 and TSIO-550 engines.

The new ST5 series starters are available from Sky-Tec dealers in both 12-volt (C12ST5) and 24-volt (C24ST5) models. List prices range from $735 (12-volt) to $785 (24-volt).

For more information, visit www.skytecair.com.

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