World Aircraft Company Introduces Vision LSA


World Aircraft Company (WAC) formally introduced its new Vision this spring at Sun and Fun in Florida.

“We designed an airplane called Sentinel for surveillance and law enforcement with a huge cabin, incredible visibility and STOL capability,” said WAC President Eric Giles. “We then realized that such an airplane would also be desirable to GA pilots. We now manufacture a civilian version appropriately called Vision.”

Vision is built on the company’s Spirit airframe, which debuted at Oshkosh last year. The instrument panel has been reduced in size, and glass runs down the sides of the cabin so pilots can look both forward and down. Doors have been enlarged by 14 inches with full glass, and even more glass was added to the roof panel.  Baggage compartment windows are wrapped around the airframe for more rearward and downward visibility.

The Vision kit is available for $34,495; a painted version is $42,295.

For more information, visit or call 731/642-1995.


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