You Don't Need A Wing If Your Ship's Got That Swing…


Sun ‘n Fun’s Chopper Town provided a graphic reminder Friday that you don’t need a wing if your ship’s got that swing, as a turbine chopper and a Butterfly gyro amply demonstrate.

A Mosquito on floats—FAR 103 legal, by the way —hangs in a hover as the pilot concentrates on showing off the little ship’s nimble handling.

The pilot of another FAR 103 version of the Mosquito waits for clearance from Chopper Town Tower as its float-equipped kin descends for a low pass.

Chopper Town serves as the rotorcraft equivalent of the Paradise City light-plane area, with steady flying entertainment every morning and evening for those willing to trek to the far east end of the Sun ‘n Fun grounds.

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Dave Higdon
Dave travels far and wide as a long-time aviation journalist, so the subject of survival skills—what to pack, how to use it—was never far from his curiously sloping frontal lobes. Because we all tend to focus on the building and test-flying, knowing what to bring on that first long cross-country of the year gets lost like a Cleco in a chip storm.


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