Zenair Announces Two-Week Wonder Factory-Assist Program for CH 750 Cruzer



Now there’s an even faster way to build a CH 750 Cruzer. In just two weeks, participants in Zenair’s Two-Week Wonder program will complete their aircraft at the Zenair factory in Midland, Ontario, Canada. During the two-weeks, participants will:

  • Finish a partially completed airframe kit.
  • Install a factory-new Continental 0-200 engine with accessories and propeller.
  • Complete the instrument panel using pre-wired electrical systems.
  • Fit the wings and tail sections to the fuselage.
  • Install the controls and fuel system.
  • Start the engine on the final day and taxi the aircraft.

Zenair will provide a fully equipped shop with everything needed to complete the project, and experienced technicians will work with the program’s participants 10 hours a day, six days a week for two weeks. Day seven of each week is reserved as a catch-up day if necessary.

Introductory price for a Two-Week Wonder CH-750 Cruzer is U.S. $99,990.00. Included in the price is the complete airframe, all firewall-forward components including engine and propeller, and a Dynon avionics package featuring a 10-inch SkyView Touch display, com radio, Mode-S transponder, and two-place stereo intercom.

Call 705-526-2871 or visit www.zenair.com for additional information.


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