Zenith Aircraft Offers Hot Deal on CH 701


By combining the economical Jabiru 2200A engine with the LSA-legal CH 701 airframe, Zenith has been able to produce a complete kit package for a remarkable $29,980. Including basic instruments, the airframe, engine, exhaust and propeller, the new package leaves only the interior and paint on the builders side of the ledger. Options for the 701 include bubble windows, electric trim, extended fuel capacity and additional baggage handling.

According to Zeniths Sebastien Heintz, We can make this package possible because the Jabiru is less expensive than the Rotax 912, and the firewall-forward kit is simpler. The Jabiru is air cooled and gives the 701 very good performance.

The 701 is one of Zeniths family of high-wing STOL models. The two-seater was introduced in 1986 but has seen a number of refinements including the use of many CNC-cut and -drilled aluminum sheets.

For more information, contact Zenith Aircraft Company.


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