AeroVonics AV-20 and AV-30 – Digital Displays in 2" and 3-1/8" Sizes

Aerovonics AV-20
AeroVonics AV-20

With a total of 12 functions, the AeroVonics AV-20 incorporates an array of capabilities packed into a single, 2-inch form-factor instrument.

The AV-20 provides standby attitude, probeless angle-of-attack, slip/skid, G-meter, clock, outside air temperature, bus voltage, dual user timers, engine-run timer, flight-timer, density altitude display, true airspeed and audio alerting. Its internal battery provides 30 minutes of automatic emergency full-function backup in the event of power loss.

AeroVonics is releasing the larger 3 -1/8-inch co-product, the AV-30-E, for the experimental market. The company says AV-30 is the only round-form factor instrument on the market that incorporates a sophisticated graphics engine that can mimic the cosmetics of the vintage OEM aircraft instrumentation.

AerovVonics AV-30

The AV-30 features dual-mode operation as both an Attitude Indicator and Directional Gyro and can replace multiple legacy instruments without panel modifications or installation GPS antennas, greatly lowering installation costs. The AV-30-C variant is expected to earn STC/PMA certification in late 2019. The AV-30 provides over 15 functions with both the experimental and certified versions retailing for $1,595.

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