After Decades of Airplane Ownership, a First Trip to AirVenture


Husband and wife Charles and Connie Eidschun from St Petersburg FL (KPIE) built a RANS S-21 during 2020, and flew it to Fond Du Lac (KFLD) in 2022 to attend their first AirVenture at Oshkosh.

They have owned numerous aircraft over the years, including a Mooney Mustang and a Piper Super Cruiser, and they have been to Sun ‘n Fun many times. Their first impression of AirVenture is that the grounds are exponentially larger, but mostly they raved about the experience of flying the S-21 across the southeastern United States. The speed and efficiency of the aircraft combined with its excellent visibility, made the sightseeing moments of the Eidschun’s journey from kit to KOSH the memories that will undoubtedly resurface in hangar flying sessions between now and AirVenture 2023.


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