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Dick Starks has written two books about the joy of flying; “You Want To Build And Fly A What?” and “Fokkers At Six O’clock!!” He was the recipient of Flying’s 2001 Bax Seat Award “for perpetuating the Gordon Baxter tradition of communicating the excitement and romance of flight.” Dick and his wife, Sharon, both fly WW-I replica aircraft.

The Dawn Patrol

You know you're gonna get some, sooner or later.

The Dawn Patrol

Was he packin heat?

The Dawn Patrol

I love a parade.

The Dawn Patrol

Get out the duct tape!

Coming to a Theater Near You

The Dawn Patrol helps build an S.E.5a for a movie.

The Dawn Patrol

Beware the numbers.

The Dawn Patrol

C-C-C-C-Coffee please!

The Dawn Patrol

Fun with the Hun in the sun.

The Dawn Patrol

Blood on the sock, 2013.

The Dawn Patrol

“Hey, who you callin’ old?”

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All About Avionics

Stein Bruch reviews the airborne weather choices for the homebuilder, using technology undreamed of only 20 years ago.

Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design

Coupon testing, part 4. By Eric Stewart and Brian Paris.

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.

A New Name on the Alternative Engine Block

When NSI went under in 2005, builders who had an engine or were waiting on parts for one might have found themselves in a world of hurt. But seeing an opportunity, John and Gwen Maxwell acquired the assets of the company and have endeavored since to make a sound product even better; by Marc Cook.