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Rick Lindstrom has been fascinated with motorized devices since the disassembly of his mom’s Kirby vacuum when he was 3, predictably followed by record player motors and lawnmower engines. After he learned to fly, it was only natural that he gravitated to the world of alternative aircraft engines. He currently pilots a Corvair-powered Zenith and is undecided about what will power his GlaStar.


Whats in Jean, Nevada? Most of the year, not much. But when the alternative engine crowd comes to town, the place starts to buzz. By Rick Lindstrom.

AeroMax Displays Corvair Aircraft Engine

AeroMax Aviation of Georgia has entered the Corvair conversion market with several examples on display at AirVenture. The AeroMax 100 IFB (100 hp, integral front bearing) was featured on a Sonex, bringing the flying examples of the engine to three.

SMA Improves SR305-230 Diesel Engine, Drops Experimental Plans

SMA displayed its new version of the SR305-230 diesel engine, the SR305-230-E, with the E standing for enhanced. Features include 30 more horsepower and a FADEC system.

Pondering Powerplants

Since the beginning, homebuilders have gazed upon the engine lurking under the cowl of a certified light aircraft and thought, There has got to be a better way. Rick Lindstrom looks at several aeromotive engine conversions, from the practical to the semi-exotic.

MGL Avionics Stratomaster MAXI Single E1

MGLs maxi singles are designed to drop into a standard 3.125-inch hole, while the Smart Singles fit into a 2.25-inch hole. Author Rick Lindstrom found that the Maxi Single E1 engine monitor was just the ticket to get him flying while his other unit was in the shop for repairs.

Still Here After 22 Years, Jerry's One Man Band

Sure, just uttering the word "Oshkosh" among a bunch of pilots brings expressions of contemplative bliss to most of their faces. I'm no different,...

MGL Avionics Announces New Voyager EFIS

It's been said that "bigger is better," but where panel functionality is concerned, it just ain't always the case. MGL Avionics has recently earned...

DeltaHawk Awarded LoPresti Innovation Prize

LoPresti Aviation has announced the winner of the first annual Roy Lopresti memorial "Innovation in Aviation Award" to DeltaHawk Engines for their development and...

ClickBond Fasteners Streamline Construction

Having just spent a couple days replacing traditional cowling nutplates before coming to the show, I was intimately familiar with laying out the rivet...

AveoFlash LED Aircraft Lighting Dazzles

It's not often that I see a product that just stops me in my tracks, but upon entering Hangar B, I was like a deer caught in the headlights (literally). The AveoFlash LED lighting system from AveoEngineering shows just what can be done when high-intensity LEDs meet seasoned engineers who are given free rein to design "what pilots really want," according to John Rossall of BAE Systems (that's right, as in British Aerospace). The resulting…

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Ask the DAR

Is replacing one panel with another considered a major modification? And what is a “significant” change to weight and balance?

Ernie, Can You Hear Me?

Every now and again, you get to do something that just feels good inside....

Three Years Before the Masts

There’s something about piloting a twin-engine, open-cockpit AirCam that gets under your skin, and it may become habit-forming. By Ed Wischmeyer.


All machined things (parts, tools, etc.) eventually have to be “finished” in one way...