SMA Improves SR305-230 Diesel Engine, Drops Experimental Plans


SMA announced and displayed its new version of the SR305-230 diesel engine, the SR305-230-E, with the E standing for enhanced. Featuring a FADEC system and 30 more horsepower, the new 230-E is designed to be flown in areas of the world where 100LL fuel is scarce or simply unavailable. Thirty pounds heavier than the 230, the firewall-forward 230-E installation is reported to weigh nearly 450 pounds, and the service ceiling is said to be 20,000 feet.

Testimonials from the pilots of several 230-equipped aircraft underscored the success of SMA engines in remote regions of the world, where long legs between fuel stops are common. One 182 pilot recounted a flight with an 8+ hour leg that was only possible with the operating efficiencies of a diesel engine at higher altitudes.

The 230-E burns between 7.5 to 10.5 gallons per hour of Jet A or Jet A1 in cruise, providing a maximum of 227 hp to 10,000 feet. SMA also states that many small improvements have been made to further increase engine reliability, and to have the engine run smoother as well. Squarely aimed at the current market for fuel-injected big bore Continentals and Lycomings, SMA said that the anticipated price for the 230-E would be competitive, but specific pricing information is not available at this time.

SMA expects the 230-E to be through certification by this fall, and available for purchase shortly thereafter. All engines will be certified. SMA has no current plans for offering an uncertified Experimental version; work on a Pulsar installation announced last year has ceased.

For more information, contact SMA.


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