Avemco Reduces SLSA Rates, Continues to Push Amateur-Built Biz


Avemco Insurance’s Jim Lauerman announced in April that 13 models of Special Light Sport Aircraft have been granted a reduction in rates. These models have been moved up one step to a more favorable rating because, Lauerman says, the fleet has seen an improved safety record. Moreover, the company has seen support–including the availability of repair materials and expertise–improve as well, which further helps reduce the loss rate.The designs currently on the most favorable rate status include the American Legend Cub; Cub Crafters Sport Cub and Super Sport Cub; Flight Design CTLS, CTSW and MC; FPNA Valor A-22; Jabiru J170, J230 and J250; Remos G-3 and GX; and Technam P2002, P2004, P92 and P92S.In addition, Avemco continues to field insurance for Experimental/Amateur-Built designs. “We do more of that business than many people think,” says Lauerman.Other Avemco news: At Sun ‘n Fun, the company was recognized by the A.M. Best Company for having an A rating or better for 25 consecutive years.


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