Belite Announces LCD Instruments and Capacitance Probe for Experimentals, LSA, and Ultralights


belite-tracking2Belite’s new RADIANT instrument line combines many functions into simple, small, lightweight units. The new instruments utilize sunlight-readable, high-contrast, color LCD screens that are also friendly with sunglasses.

Most of these new units feature a Belite crafted feature: persistence. This feature shows recent history. For example, the last 15 minutes of fuel level information is shown graphically, along with the current fuel level. This provides the pilot with the ability to look at the fuel-use trend and make better decisions. Traditional steam-gauge instruments and other glass panel products don’t have this valuable feature. See more about RADIANT instruments.

belite-gmeter_placed__78697.1459770983.451.416Belite also introduced a new capacitance fuel probe. Unlike most competitive products, this new fuel probe supports multiple bending, allowing it to fit into any shape of tank. Even with many bends, it is designed not to short out and fail. It also features easy calibration via push buttons, and is available in any length from 6 to 40 inches. See more on Belite’s website.

“These products were specifically designed for Experimental and LSA category aircraft,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Belite Electronics. “The RADIANT displays are smaller, lighter, more brilliant and more functional than other aircraft instruments and will provide the Experimental aircraft builder or LSA manufacturer the ability to supply more functionality with less weight than competing products, while the new capacitance fuel probe allows accurate fuel monitoring in oddly shaped tanks.”

Belite-AOAPlaced_2__52471.1459770907.451.416The new product lineup includes the following:

  • Single or dual fuel tank display, featuring a visual history of the last 15 minutes of fuel level in each tank. ($249.95)
  • Airspeed/Altitude/VSI in one unit, with user configurable speed ranges (white/green/yellow/red) and compatible with any desired range between 20 and 200mph. The recent history of airspeeds is shown, along with digital altitude and VSI information. ($299.95)
  • G Meter showing a continuous flow of G loads. ($219.95)
  • Angle of attack, providing stall warning and aural output. ($599.95)

All instruments are designed for a standard 2.25-inch cutout, and use approximately 135 milliamps of power from a supply of 8 to 14 volts. All instruments are dimmable.

Instruments are available for order at Belite’s web store or from Aircraft Spruce.




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