Belite Electronics Introduces New Angle of Attack Sensor and Display Gauge.



Belite’s improved angle of attack system is lightweight, affordable, easy to install and calibrate, and offers pilots a choice of either a panel display or heads-up display.

Priced at $499, the AOA system is compatible with most Experimental, ultralight, and Light Sport Aircraft (with manufacturer approval). It uses a true wind vane (just like airliners and other commercial aircraft) with a frictionless magnetic rotation detector. The result is instantaneous angle-of-attack feedback to the pilot, displayed on a brilliant LED gauge that is readable in direct sunlight.


The gauge can be mounted conventionally in the panel, or for a heads-up display, it is mounted so the display will reflect into the windshield. The heads-up mounting option allows the pilot to concentrate on landings without losing sight of valuable angle of attack information.

Installation is easy. The wind vane mounts on the leading edge of many aircraft, or it can be attached to the lift struts. It may also be flush mounted on the fuselage, especially on the forward portion of pusher aircraft.

Calibration is also easy. With the aid of a safety pilot, the programming switch is touched when the plane is near critically slow airspeed (approaching stall), then touched again at high cruise speed. This establishes the range of detected angle of attack, which the unit permanently memorizes.

The system ships complete with the wind vane and integrated magnetic sensor, along with the LED display gauge. For OEM customers, the wind vane and magnetic sensor are available separately for $399.

Deliveries will begin in August. Visit for more information or call 316-253-6746.


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