Belite Special Offer: 25% Off on Digital Altimeter/VSI


Belite Altimeter VSIThe Belite Digital LCD Altimeter / VSI is designed to provide many critical pieces of flight information to the pilot in a single, small lightweight enclosure. The unit is not TSO’d or PMA’d. Use only in appropriate aircraft as a backup to certified instruments in VFR conditions.


  • Displays altitude in increments of 10 feet
  • Displays Vertical Speed in increments of 10 feet
  • Altitude and Vertical Speed are simultaneously viewable on home screen
  • Weight of just 1.8 ounces (51 grams)
  • Displays last set barometric pressure continuously
  • Displays density altitude
  • Displays pressure altitude
  • Displays instrument (cockpit) temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Displays absolute pressure in inches or Kpa
  • Displays system voltage
  • User settable voltage alarm
  • User settable metric (meters) or English (feet) display units
  • User settable VFR cruising alarm — advises pilot when current altitude is more than 100 feet off a legal VFR altitude (1500, 2500, 3500, 4500 ft ASL…)
  • Daylight readable LCD display, easy to read, dimmable
  • Backlight may be turned on anytime from the front panel (external dimmer switch not required)
  • Accepts external dimmer backlight input
  • Very low power requirement — uses 10 milliamps (0.01A) of power in normal operation
  • May be connected to ship’s static air pressure source

Use code DALT2015 when ordering.


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