BERINGER Introduces New 4" Mains


Beringer-wheel-4-inch-with-brakeBERINGER Wheels & Brakes recently announced its new 4″ main wheel and brake for light aircraft weighing up to 770 pounds. Cut from solid aluminum billet on precision CNC machinery and carrying Beringer’s signature bright red anodized finish, these new wheels and hydraulic brakes are introduced as the lightest ever available in their size, strength, and capability class.
The single-piston hydraulic caliper provides smooth, powerful braking on its floating disc. Maintenance is reduced through the incorporation of sealed ball bearings; and maintenance intervals are further extended, through Beringer’s super long-lasting sintered metallic pads, which generate more stopping power as they heat, when you can use it – as the airplane has less lift, and the end of the runway is nearer.

The new two-piece wheel saves weight through its CNC-machined construction and tubeless mounting, and accommodates several popular tire sizes (3.00-4; 4.00-4; 2.80/2.50-4; 10×3.50-4). Flange-mount aluminum axles are available to match various aircraft requirements.

The wheel assembly, complete with bearings, hydraulic caliper, pads, and disc, weighs under 39 ounces. The choice of tire (not included) determines the ultimate installed weight.

Individual price is $459, FOB Chicago, and the new wheel assemblies are available now.

For more information, contact:

BERINGER AERO U.S.A., Inc. Phone +1 (708) 667-7891 Fax +1 (773) 539-9328
Address: 4118 N. Nashville, Chicago, IL 60634, USA
[email protected] ;



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