Call for Entries: CH 650 Paint Scheme Design Competition


As Zenith Aircraft is completing its new CH 650 B factory demo plane, the company is soliciting paint scheme ideas for its sleek new low wing design. Zenith plans to have the new plane with its new paint scheme on display at Sun n Fun, starting March 29.

Zenith would like the paint scheme for its new CH 650 to help highlight the fact that this is a fresh airplane, yet it’s also a traditional all-metal light sport plane. The new larger canopy and swept-back vertical tail change the look of the CH 650, while it still shares the look of the Zodiac design which has been popular since 1984. Zenith invites both creative and non-creative types to submit entries. The top submissions will be posted on Zenith’s web site so that everyone can see them and vote on their favorites.

Zenith advises that the company may not end up choosing the “best” or most favored design, but may pick the most practical one. (The new paint scheme needs to be relatively simple to paint and maintain.) Also, the company may combine several entries or modify submissions. Even if a paint scheme is not chosen by the company, it may still provide inspiration to current or future builder/owners. Zenith encourages you to submit several different schemes, and also to explain the reasons behind your design choices.

This competition probably shouldn’t be termed as such. It’s more of a call for ideas and inspiration to help us decide how to paint our factory demo plane. However, we will recognize “winners” and have a great award available (up to $500 value), and the chosen paint scheme will be featured on a popular light sport aircraft worldwide for years to come.

Download the form to submit your paint scheme at and submit it to Zenith no later than February 25, 2011. Send the completed form (scanned in color) to us at [email protected].

Paint Scheme Submission Form (PDF document)

Basic side view and top view (PDF document)

There are hundreds of great examples of paint schemes on Zodiac aircraft around the world. For examples, visit the Zenith web site photo galleries or these sites: Zenith.Aero owner photos, or

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