Editor's Log, December 2011

It's that time of year again, the time when we undertake the arduous task of updating and compiling the thousands of pieces of data...

Safety Issues with Technically Advanced Aircraft: Are There Any?

Controversy over results of a recent General Aviation accident analysis generated considerable debate among pilots of technically advanced aircraft (TAA) of both the Experimental...

Commentary: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Epic? UPDATED

The winding road traveled by Epic Aircraft rounded what could be the last bend today. On Wednesday, April 7, the bankruptcy judge received a proposal that would, in essence, put a consortium of Epic LT builders in the driver's seat.

Commentary: Homebuilt Aircraft Safety Picture Blurred by Bad Data

When a Lancair IV-P lost power, began leaking oil over the windscreen and eventually landed on a Florida beach, the subsequent crash set off...

Kitplanes Newsline Launched

Spring has sprung, and airshow season is upon us. Even if you can’t make Sun ‘n Fun this year, follow all the action...

LeRoy Cook's Tour: Rainy Days and Thursdays

It occurs to me that there are two Oshkosh rain modes. The first kicks in when rain erupts with a certain amount of warning...

LeRoy Cook’s Tour: Tempting Tidbits

I must confess to being torn between twin folding-wing temptations. Should I get on the Early Adopter list for the Terrafugia roadable airplane or...

In Case You Missed it


Real-World ADS-BThank you for Dick Sunderland's articles, "Juggling the ADS-B Options" and "What...

Maintenance Matters

A&P mechanics and Experimental aircraft.

Metal Magic: Dimpling and Countersinking

Before you can start driving countersunk rivets, you need to know how to dimple or countersink aluminum.

An Aussie Take on Throttle-Body Fuel Injection

Rotec has a new throttle-body injection system that's worth looking at.