Kitplanes November 2017 cover

November 2017

Kitplanes June 2020

June 2020

On the cover: John McBean, president of Kitfox Aircraft, enjoys a flight in an S7 Super Sport on a near-perfect Idaho day. Photographed by Richard VanderMeulen. Table of Contents Checkered Past: Building the Bearcoupe from 3D plans. Backcountry Cruzer: Gary Motley makes the most of the Zenith CH 750’s performance spectrum. Buying Used—Kitfox: Always in […]

May 2005

Kitplanes January 2008 cover

January 2008

Kitplanes September 2010 cover

September 2010

Kitplanes June 2013 cover

June 2013

Kitplanes February 2016 cover

February 2016

Kitplanes October 2018 cover

October 2018

May 2021

On the cover: Photo illustration by Dan Maher. Clockwise from top: Van’s RV-14, Steen Skybolt, Zenith STOL CH 750, Kitfox S7 STI, Sonex Waiex-B, Spectre Radial Rocket RG. Background photo from Shutterstock. Table of contents The Future of Homebuilding Industry: What the makers say. Engines: Here today, here tomorrow. Avionics: No giant leaps. Builders: Follow […]
Kitplanes April 2006 cover

April 2006

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