Avionics Troubleshooting 101

Common diagnostic tasks to consider when things stop working.

Common diagnostic tasks to consider when things stop working.
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  1. Good article couple of points. There may be multiple data busses, and not all data is on all busses, so sometimes you see partial data, ie csome are missing…indicates maye one specific bus is down.

    Second Canbus lack of terminators can kill the bus, lack of or a broken resistor.Ns sonetimes well meaning people add termi ators to sockets when no tneeded, canbus should be a ” long string, ” you might get away with short tee stubs , but not guaranteed, and i have seen all sorts of intermittencies .when peopke tee too liberally. Its a data bus , not housecwiring, connection with a meter may be ok, but at data frequencies…..

    You cant read activity on a databus with a regularr test meter, and you cant share data by joining databusses .

    And finalky, imho many issues are por or missing grounds, so currrent goes through and other path . I once saw ignition wires melt since with a missing bond airframevto engine, tge starter current return ws through t he screen of the magneto wires.. A one inch wide copper braid just hanging in space…


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