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Safe-T-Cable is an expensive alternative to safety wire, but worth it!

July 2021

On the cover: While testing two of the latest three-blade composite props, Paul Dye photographed his RV-8 with a Hartzell Explorer and Whirl Wind WW-300 on the nose. Table of contents Three Vs. Three: A rare chance to get solid numbers on two new-generation composite props. One Piece at a Time: Les Krumel invested 22 […]

June 2021

On the cover: Too much fun! Joe Norris enjoys a flight in Sonex Aircraft’s turbocharged Waiex-B prototype. Photographed near Oshkosh, Wisconsin, by Mariano Rosales. Table of contents Buying Used—Sonex and Waiex: What you need to know when shopping for these Sonex Aircraft models. Return to Flight: A GlaStar’s Titan IO-340’s tale of tweaks and temptations. […]

May 2021

On the cover: Photo illustration by Dan Maher. Clockwise from top: Van’s RV-14, Steen Skybolt, Zenith STOL CH 750, Kitfox S7 STI, Sonex Waiex-B, Spectre Radial Rocket RG. Background photo from Shutterstock. Table of contents The Future of Homebuilding Industry: What the makers say. Engines: Here today, here tomorrow. Avionics: No giant leaps. Builders: Follow […]
Kitplanes May 2021

April 2021

On the cover: Photographer Julia Apfelbaum captured Allen Floyd’s Long-EZ over the foothills near Boulder, Colorado. Piloting the photo ship was Jonathan Apfelbaum. Table of contents It Don’t Come Easy: After 13 years, Allen Floyd builds a Grand Champion Long-EZ Powering a Mystery: Lockheed Conestoga/Kudu+ Chevy V-8 = StarMaster. Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21: […]
Kitplanes March 2021 Cover

March 2021

On the cover: Randy Shannon enjoys a flight over the prairies of eastern Kansas. His plane is the first customer-built Zenith CH 750 SD to fly. Photo by LeRoy Cook. Table of Contents Which Propeller? Twelve Months to Takeoff: The first customer-built Zenith CH 750 SD takes to the sky. Renewal—Overhauling your own Lycoming: Part […]
Kitplanes February 2021

February 2021

On the cover: RANS head honcho Randy Schlitter flies the factory S-7LS for Richard VanderMeulen’s camera way back in late 2011. The high-utility S-7, featured in our “Buying Used” article this month, looks as good today as it did then. 2021 Engine Buyer’s Guide: Power up! Find your perfect engine in our yearly powerplant directory. […]
Kitplanes January 2021

January 2021

On the cover: Paul Dye and Rollie VanDorn enjoy a flight in the 315-hp Bearhawk 5 prototype. Photographed near St. George, Utah, by Richard VanderMeulen. Table of contents The Big Bearhawk: Bearhawk 5—more room, more horsepower…more everything. Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21: Part 6—Pieces and parts. Whirl Wind 300: Three blades at the speed […]

December 2020

On the cover: Greg Hughes of Van’s Aircraft pilots the newly up-powered RV-14A. Photographed near the Oregon coast by Jon Bliss. Table of contents 2021 Homebuilt Aircraft Directory: Over 1000 aircraft to choose from. Van’s RV-14A: More power, more better. Avionics Boot Camp—Big Talk: The standalone com radio lives on, and it’s become smarter, flexible […]
Kitplanes November 2020

November 2020

On the cover: Two fresh-off-the-line NXCubs were flown near the company’s headquarters in Yakima, Washington, and photographed by Jon Bliss. Table of contents Tri-Power: Can CubCrafters make a tri-gear bush airplane a thing? Wittman Field: AirVenture comes to this place, not from this place. Mr. Bearhawk’s Wild Ride: Calm winds at the airport and clear […]

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Light Stuff

Its two aircraft in one: The Jabiru J230 is being sold both as a kit and as a Special (factory-built) Light Sport Aircraft thats ready to fly. By Dave Martin.

Black Beauty

Construction of a custom wing for a Formula 1 Cassutt.


TIG or MIG? You Got us!In the article on Vetterman Exhaust the statement...

Ask the DAR

Applying for a Repairman Certificate, importing Experimentals, converting an SLSA Cub to ELSA.