June 2021

On the cover: Too much fun! Joe Norris enjoys a flight in Sonex Aircraft’s turbocharged Waiex-B prototype. Photographed near Oshkosh, Wisconsin, by Mariano Rosales. Table of contents Buying Used—Sonex and Waiex: What you need to know when shopping for these Sonex Aircraft models. Return to Flight: A GlaStar’s Titan IO-340’s tale of tweaks and temptations. […]

May 2021

On the cover: Photo illustration by Dan Maher. Clockwise from top: Van’s RV-14, Steen Skybolt, Zenith STOL CH 750, Kitfox S7 STI, Sonex Waiex-B, Spectre Radial Rocket RG. Background photo from Shutterstock. Table of contents The Future of Homebuilding Industry: What the makers say. Engines: Here today, here tomorrow. Avionics: No giant leaps. Builders: Follow […]
Kitplanes May 2021

April 2021

On the cover: Photographer Julia Apfelbaum captured Allen Floyd’s Long-EZ over the foothills near Boulder, Colorado. Piloting the photo ship was Jonathan Apfelbaum. Table of contents It Don’t Come Easy: After 13 years, Allen Floyd builds a Grand Champion Long-EZ Powering a Mystery: Lockheed Conestoga/Kudu+ Chevy V-8 = StarMaster. Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21: […]
Kitplanes March 2021 Cover

March 2021

On the cover: Randy Shannon enjoys a flight over the prairies of eastern Kansas. His plane is the first customer-built Zenith CH 750 SD to fly. Photo by LeRoy Cook. Table of Contents Which Propeller? Twelve Months to Takeoff: The first customer-built Zenith CH 750 SD takes to the sky. Renewal—Overhauling your own Lycoming: Part […]
Kitplanes February 2021

February 2021

On the cover: RANS head honcho Randy Schlitter flies the factory S-7LS for Richard VanderMeulen’s camera way back in late 2011. The high-utility S-7, featured in our “Buying Used” article this month, looks as good today as it did then. 2021 Engine Buyer’s Guide: Power up! Find your perfect engine in our yearly powerplant directory. […]
Kitplanes January 2021

January 2021

On the cover: Paul Dye and Rollie VanDorn enjoy a flight in the 315-hp Bearhawk 5 prototype. Photographed near St. George, Utah, by Richard VanderMeulen. Table of contents The Big Bearhawk: Bearhawk 5—more room, more horsepower…more everything. Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21: Part 6—Pieces and parts. Whirl Wind 300: Three blades at the speed […]

December 2020

On the cover: Greg Hughes of Van’s Aircraft pilots the newly up-powered RV-14A. Photographed near the Oregon coast by Jon Bliss. Table of contents 2021 Homebuilt Aircraft Directory: Over 1000 aircraft to choose from. Van’s RV-14A: More power, more better. Avionics Boot Camp—Big Talk: The standalone com radio lives on, and it’s become smarter, flexible […]
Kitplanes November 2020

November 2020

On the cover: Two fresh-off-the-line NXCubs were flown near the company’s headquarters in Yakima, Washington, and photographed by Jon Bliss. Table of contents Tri-Power: Can CubCrafters make a tri-gear bush airplane a thing? Wittman Field: AirVenture comes to this place, not from this place. Mr. Bearhawk’s Wild Ride: Calm winds at the airport and clear […]
Kitplanes October 2020

October 2020

On the cover: Chris Cram caught Glasair Aviation’s Randy Lervold at the helm of the company’s latest Sportsman iteration near Mount Baker in Washington. Table of contents Sportsman in Transition: A closer look at the “Version 1.5” Sportsman. Used—Van’s RV-7/7A: A worthy successor to the world’s most popular Experimental. Metal Vs. Wood: Part 1: A […]

September 2020

On the cover: Steve Henry’s heavily modified Just Highlander, Yee Haw 7, is a top performer in the STOL Drag racing world. Photographed by Leonardo Correa Luna. Table of contents Fly It Like You STOL It! With 300 hp, Steve Henry’s incredible Just Highlander is too much fun! Velocity U: You could probably figure out how […]

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