Concorde Debuts Battery for Light Sport Aircraft


Concorde Battery Corporation has introduced a new 12 volt battery, the Concorde Platinum Series RG 12LSA, designed specifically for the Light Sport Aircraft market. The RG 12 LSA is constructed with Concorde’s recombinant gas technology. Larger intercell connections optimize outbrush current flow and increase charge acceptance, the company says.

Absorbed Glass Mat retains only the amount of electrolyte required for battery function, making the battery non-spillable in any position and maintenance free. PolyGuard separators are used between the plates as an additional layer of protection against shock and vibration, according to Concorde.

Outside, the battery is constructed with a robust polypropylene container. Silicon bronze alloy terminals and hardware are corrosion free and provide low impedance connections.

Primary purpose: general aviation starting and emergency power.

Voltage: 12 volts

Cold cranking amps: 200

Maximum weight: 13.0 pounds

Constructed with non-removable vent valves, no addition of water or electrolyte is required–ever.

The battery is shipped fully charged.

For prices and availability check aviation supply houses. Aircraft Spruce & Specialty has a list price of $218.95.

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