Chuck Berthe

Our flight-test man in the field took valuable time off from his fitness routine to do an uncommonly thorough job of evaluating our cover subject, the lovely Arion Lightning kitbuilt. A retired naval aviator, aeronautical engineer and professional test pilot, Berthe brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His in-depth flight review of the Lightning begins on Page 8.

Amy Laboda

What youd call a pan-enthusiast, Amy brings her considerable journalistic talents to bear on the story of John Thorp. Thorp was influential beyond the popularity of his homebuilt designs-ask any pilot who has flown a Piper Cherokee, for example. Thats because he was the instigator of the all-flying stabilator tail for light aircraft. Moreover, Thorp brought matched-hole construction to the masses. Amys story begins on Page 24.

Murry RoZansky

Its possible to stay inside your world so diligently that your view is more belly button than far horizon. Inventor Rozansky this month takes us into the world of roadable aircraft, which should be springing forth from the Experimental realm left and right, but remain, for many, a curiosity. Murrys story begins on Page 43.


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