Crawling through Hangar B


EAA AirVentures giant Exhibit Building B revealed some interesting products and services that may be of interest to KITPLANES readers.

T.L. Elecktronic is offering a new EFIS.

Chief Aircraft, supplier of tools, parts, instruments and avionics, was founded over 25 years ago in Grants Pass, Oregon, but last year opened a new sister facility in Deland, Florida. Free catalog and numerous manufacturer rebates were available at the show.The Hornet kit airplane, whose headquarters was formerly in San Diego, is now the Sport Hornet, available at a new central U.S. location on the Blackwell/Tonkawa Airport in Oklahoma, from Blackwell Aircraft LLC. Check it out here.

Cardinal Components of Menominee Falls, Wisconsin, was showing its line of Rivnut threaded-base press-to-set fasteners, handy for mounting any screw attachment components. Call 800/236-3200 or visit Cardinal Components.

T.L. Elektronic displayed its new Integra EFIS, made in the Czech Republic, which can be configured as a primary flight display, engine monitoring display, a split-screen flight and engine display, or a remote entertainment MPEG4 player. Its distributed by Sun Aviation in Kansas City, Missouri, along with the T.L. Elektronic line of 2.25-inch round digital gauges. Find more information here. Visit the Sun Aviation web site here.

MT Propellers of Germany, which also owns Czech-built Avia propellers, had a new Avia-supplied electrically controlled propeller governor, which simplifies installation by eliminating the push-pull cable from the cockpit, replacing it with a wire between the controller and the governor. Price was $2880, less 10% at the show. Check it out here.

MGL Avionics from Torrance, California, had an upgraded Stratomaster Odyssey EFIS, whose new processor board added video input and output, offering terrain on the horizon display and transparentized airspeed and altitude tapes. Find out more here.

Narco Avionics, with 60 years of GA avionics building behind it, offered rebates at the show, but also hinted that a new replacement communication radio was coming to swap out for the old Com 11/Com 21 series.

Semmel Enterprises from Lincoln, Nebraska, offered an interesting Monsterball vise, a grown-up version of the handy little swiveling vise on your workbench. A bowling ball-size mount can be clamped at any angle for working on a project, available in adjustable-height ($2200), fixed-height ($1500) or bench-top ($1000) models. Find more information here.

Wicks Aircraft, now with and Motorsports added to its cover art, has a new catalog out and was offering 10% off on show orders plus free shipping.

XCOM Avionics displayed what it says is the smallest com transceiver available, in both panel mount and remote-head versions. The panel-mount unit is only 2.25 inches square by 6.5 inches along. Formerly built in Australia, its reportedly now being made in the U.S.A. by Narco, priced at $1295. Visit XCOM Avionics.


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