Cub Reporter Mandy Wainfan on Sun 'n Fun


Imagine seeing an airshow from the eyes of a nine-year old.

Mandy Wainfan has been taking photos for, oh, 4 months now and has been tromping around Sun ‘n Fun shooting whatever pictures her battery life will support.

“I’ve been on a DC-3 before. My mother was the pilot and I thought it was really cool to hear about it so I took this picture,” she reports.

Mandy wasn’t alive when this plane was built, but she wasn’t alive when she flew on a DC-3 either. Mandy, my daughter, was in my tummy when she first flew on a DC-3. I was taking an hour of dual instruction, a present from my husband, Barnaby.

And while most pilots and photographers are focused on the aluminum, it sometimes takes a fourth-grader to notice the flowers where the adults see the mud.

If you’re at Sun ‘n Fun, watch out; your picture might be taken by KITPLANES’ youngest “Cub” reporter.

Posted for Lynne Wainfan from Sun ‘n Fun, on glorious Friday morning.

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Marc Cook
Marc Cook is a veteran special-interest journalist who started as a staffer at AOPA Pilot in the late 1980s. Marc has built two airplanes, an Aero Designs Pulsar XP and a Glasair Aviation Sportsman, and now owns a 180-hp, steam-gauge-adjacent GlaStar based in western Oregon. Marc has 5000 hours spread over 200-plus types and four decades of flying.


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