Demo Flights All Day Long at Paradise City During Sun 'n Fun 2013

Flying out of Paradise City is an all day affair at Sun n Fun 2013.
Flying out of Paradise City is an all day affair at Sun n Fun 2013.

It is official: product demonstration flights of LSA-qualified aircraft are happening from dawn to dusk at the grass light sport aircraft runway and the official LSA area, deemed Paradise City, during the Sun ‘n Fun 2013 Fly-In. “In past years demo flights were limited during the show,” said John Leenhouts, President and CEO of Sun’n Fun Fly-in. “This year we have worked out the traffic patterns such that they can fly even during the air show each day,” he continued.

Doolittle Road has been rebuilt and curved, bringing people, via trams, right into the heart of the exhibit booths. And perhaps because of the new flying rules, or perhaps because of the economy, Paradise City appears to be having a rebirth at this years’ show. There are 44 vendors, including OEMs, engine and kit manufacturers for all categories of LSA. Trams run continuously between the main Sun’n Fun show area and Paradise City. Follow the colorful flags and the sound of small engines. You can’t miss it.


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