Belite Gets Large with Multifunction Display

The new large format Belite ASI.
The new large format Belite ASI.

Known for its diminutive electronic flight instruments, Belite Electronics has changed things up this year at Sun ‘n Fun by presenting attendees with a new airspeed indicator that sports an extra large format display.

“This is simply an easier to read airspeed indicator,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Belite Enterprises, which also sells the FAR 103 Belite UltraCub™ and Trike. “It also has all functions which a pilot wants to see in a brilliant, easy to read format.”

The AI does more than just show the pilot airspeed; it also can double as a rate of turn indicator, inclinometer, vertical speed indicator, angle of attack indicator and landing gear status indicator. What do you need it to be? Just select its function, and this unit can morph into a display with the flight information you need, according to Wiebe.

Pricing on the unit depends on the number of functions the pilot requires, and starts at $249.95.  First shipments are scheduled for June 30, 2013.

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