Desser's 31/11.00-10 4-ply Bigfoot Tundra Tire


Desser introduced the latest in its line of “Tundra” tires, the 31/11.00-10 4 ply Bigfoot.

The 31″ Bigfoot is a fully FAA-approved and TSO’ed tire. Weighing in at a lightweight 20 lb, it can be used on most 10” wheels, including wheels with the GAR-Aero, 6” to 10” adapters, provided by Seaplanes North. Alaskan Bushwheel, Matco, and Cleveland also have wheels which can be used on this tire. A new lightweight wheel, disc, and brake will be introduced shortly, which can used in the experimental and then the TC markets.

The 31” Bigfoot features all the qualities of a true aircraft tire, with a full carcass buildup, strong nylon belting, durable, yet flexible, sidewalls, and long wearing tread compounds that can be used on concrete and asphalt without worrying about damaging or prematurely wearing out the tire. It has a specially designed tread compound, which is made to stand up to long taxi cycles in the dead of summer without any adverse effects on wear.

In addition to the great value price, the tire can be used in either a tube-type or tubeless wheel application and is rated at a maximum load of 2335 lb each, at 20 PSI, with a full speed rating of 120 mph.

The introductory price is $895.


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