Dynon Refocuses SkyView Line, Lowers Pricing for 2019


Dynon announces price reductions for select SkyView EFIS models, progress on its Dynon Certified line, and updates from Advanced Flight Systems.

“As the SkyView line has evolved over the years, it has grown to four different models, including SkyView HDX, SkyView Touch, SkyView Classic, and SkyView SE. With SkyView HDX representing our state-of-the-art offering with its enhanced user interface, better display quality, and a full touch interface, we felt there was unnecessary overlap in the model line-up. With the avionics market getting ever more competitive, we’ve decided to trim the line to make the product model steps clearer and at the same time sharpen the price points on our original SkyView family models,” indicates Randy Lervold, Dynon’s VP Marketing & Sales.

SkyView HDX

Effective immediately, Dynon is lowering the price on both SkyView Classic and SkyView SE systems and is retiring SkyView Touch. SkyView Classic and SkyView SE systems will see price drops of between $200 and $500 per display, depending on the model. “We believe these adjustments make for a more competitive line-up that accommodates a wider range of builder budgets and panel plans. Many builders want a reduced, simplified feature set and are targeting a lower budget. Dynon will help them get there,” indicates Lervold.

Current pricing for all Dynon products can be found on its website and through its network of dealers worldwide.

ADVANCEDPANEL from Advanced Flight Systems

The Advanced Flight Systems division continues to be at the forefront of avionics innovation. With its recently refreshed website and its updated ADVANCEDPANEL complete avionics panel solution, Advanced is showcasing how its unique business model lets it Go Beyond.

Buying a pre-built custom panel has always meant buying from a company that essentially acts as a system integrator from multiple vendors. “With the ADVANCEDPANEL concept, almost everything in the panel is designed, manufactured, and configured by Advanced and Dynon. This turnkey solution is really resonating with customers who are thrilled to be able to work with one resource to design, manufacture, and support the installation of their dream panel,” says company President, Rob Hickman.

RV-7 VFR Panel with SkyView

One of the keys to Advanced’s success is the Advanced Control Module (ACM). The ACM forms the heart of the aircraft systems and is the only product of its kind. It’s the first and only comprehensive power and distribution center for an aircraft’s electrical system, avionics, headsets, aircraft lights, autopilot servos, trim servos, flap motor, control sticks, panel switches, and all customized harnesses. Hickman adds, “All of these connect to the ACM with pre-made harnesses, allowing a “plug and play” installation, saving builders hundreds of hours of wiring, and makes troubleshooting and future upgrades very easy.”

For more information about ADVANCEDPANEL, visit advancedflightsystems.com.


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