Eagle Offers Engine Build Programs for XTREEM Engines


Ameritech Industries, the parent company of Eagle Engines and American Propeller Service of Redding, California, has announced the debut of an engine build program for Eagles XTREEM 360 and XP-360 powerplants. The two-day builder-assist workshop will be held at the company’s shop on one weekend every month.

Two options are available for interested customers. The first is observation only–*this is designed for the individual who would like to learn about how the engine is built along with the basics of operation. No hands-on element is included. The second option, however, is hands-on, and is intended for builders who wish to actually build their engine with the assistance of the Eagle technicians.

Each two-day session will consist of classroom training covering an overview of the program, the repair order, assembly instructions and quality assurance checklist and procedures. Next, its off to the assembly room for a review and inspection of parts and the setup of tools and equipment that will be required. Then, on to the fun part–*the complete assembly of the engine from start to finish with periodic inspections throughout. After the final inspection of the assembled engine is complete, the operators manual will be covered, and the break-in instructions, maintenance manual and warranty will be reviewed.

Option 1 (observe only) adds $500 to the cost of your engine, and the hands-on version adds $1000. For a schedule of workshops, contact Eagle at 800/292-7767 or visit their website at   http://www.eagleengines.com/

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